Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Surau in Puncak Alam

In Puncak Alam (include) Shah Alam 2, there are 4 surau which are actively managed by its committee respectively. But the one that i can relate to is in Fasa 2- surau al-Furqan because it's just walking distance from my house. The surau is also used for Friday Prayer started in September 2008. The boys (or the men?) around fasa 2 now have no reasons to not performing it. I praise the committees for their active work done for the surau.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The area

This is the model of the whole layout of Puncak Alam(include Phase 1,2 and 3). The houses here are all sold out but not all are occupied. May be 50% are still vacant.The developer:- Puncak Alam Housing and Majlis Daerah K. Selangor havea lot more work to do to really boost up the Puncak Alam. Some allocated lands are still not developed yet i.e. commercial area, taman rekreasi.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Puncak Alam

I've been wanting to start a blog on puncak alam. Initially, I was quite reluctant to move from the 'uptown', to come to this side of 'pinggir bandar'. It felt so far to drive using the Puncak Alam Road from Shah Alam, one would feel there's no end to this road. You will see only Puncak Alam sign after about 20 minites drive at the end of a T junction.

Anyway, since the last 4 years I've been staying here, I find that I like it here.It had grown for the better. The communities and facilities like playgrounds, shops (wet and dry), clinics, surau, pasar malam , pasar tani, schools (primary and secondary), stalls, all are here. Well...those are the basic things/needs that I was looking for when I scouted for my house here.

I think and hope the developers and the town councils will be doing a lot more for the betterment of communities in Puncak Alam.